Simply put, ELS­A is a reflection of you! A beautiful and confident woman that radiates through her daring wardrobe. We bring you the best of all things modest, romantic, and sensual while keeping in mind that high quality doesn’t have to come at a high price.

You’d notice our interpretation of beauty in our designs – in the simple yet timeless cuts of our dresses, our choice of pretty laces and patterns and most especially in the way you feel when you are dolled up in our pieces. For us, it’s not just about fashion – it's beauty in motion, beauty in touch with the beauty in you.

Our inspirations are a combination of the long gone Romantic era and the need for the modern young lady to be comfortable in her own skin and make life happen while looking pretty. Our designs accentuate your body seamlessly yet do not detract from the awesomeness of your intellect.

We’re not just here for the trends; our pieces are timeless, just like you. We hope you’re an ELSA woman like us. One who doesn’t compromise on beauty, affordable quality or timeless elegance. We hope to grow with you and help you always celebrate your own version of beauty. 

We are always exploring for new inspirations, and we invite you to follow us on this amazing journey!


We’re not just committed to affordably enhancing your beauty with our apparel; we’re also committed to reducing fashion’s carbon footprint on the planet. Something that is supposed to be beautiful for one person should not be made at the expense of another. We are responsible corporate citizens and will work to sustain the integrity of the environment as well as that of our supply chain partners so they can live more qualitative lives.

As such, ELSA donates $1 of profit from each garment to charities and nonprofit organizations which make a positive impact in the lives of garment workers worldwide. We also support causes which help women and young girls in specific partner communities and the world.

I hope that we can explore this expression of beauty to love ourselves more as well as do some good.